In 1970 Baggio brothers started their business as manufacturers of saddle frames for other Italian companies.
Afters few years, they began to realize and produce the handcrafted the first saddles, in particular the model K2, so in 1990 born the brand SELLE MONTE GRAPPA.
In 1994 , for the first time, they took part in the trade fair in Padova, at that time, the most important exhibition in the field of cycling, showing their first models.
Thanks to a positive response from the market ,they have offered new items from year to year, improving the quality of the products and introducing new finishing as : embroideries, serigraphs, gel inserts and oleographs, by using as coating materials: leather, lycra and micro-fibre.
In the following years ,increasingly Italian and Foreign companies have know and appreciated the products and have decided to take advantage of the professionalism of the company ,as well as to grant their confidence to products .
In 2000 the firm Baggio Brothers decided to renew its brand and its image and at the same time decided to strengthened the management of the company together with their sons.

So, thanks to the great experience of the Baggio brothers joined to the enthusiasm of new recruits, Selle Monte Grappa is always developing and improving its products, allowing to propose a new line of saddles in polyurethane. Now the company produces and trades, besides saddles, also other accessories for bikes: stabilizers-pumps-bicycles-racks.
In 2005, Selle Monte Grappa “ became member of the District Production Bike” a project among the bike and accessory producers of the Veneto Area, to which took part in 89 companies of the provinces of Treviso, Padova and Vicenza.
The project has been promoted by trade associations ,which Confartigianato-Ark-Cna-Ascom-Ccsa-Casa-Apindustria-Cgil Cisl and Uil-Treviso to boost the bicycle trade, where born the 80% of the Italian product.
The above-mentioned project has been agreed by Veneto District with the acting Nr.2115 dated 02/08/2005.
In 2006 the firm Selle Monte Grappa, in order to find new development opportunities, started a new business, concerning powder coating for their products and other accessories ,by using raw-materials respecting the environment.

Now, in order to meet the expectations of its discerning clientele, the company Selle Monte Grappa produces a wide range of items, many of them custom, and takes part in the most important trade fair ,as Eicma Milano- Eurobike Friedrichshafen.
We are proud to say that now the firm Selle Monte Grappa has achieved a high degree of professionalism and quality and nowadays it is one of the Europe’s major saddle producers.
Furthermore thanks to a dynamic family structure, typical Of North East Area ensures:
Innovation - Quality and Service for the future.

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